Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Colts 18, Vikings 15

I still can't believe they pulled this one out.

We got into Minneapolis around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday and spent the day toodling around the Mall of America. Didn't really buy much, but did treat myself to a pedicure, and after much coercion, John got one as well. I think he liked it.

Met up with the cool kids at BW3 for dinner where we finally met the Infamous Tara. She is a riot.
L-R: Jake, Tara, Tom, Jeremy, Josh

Sunday we followed the Infamous Tara and her dad, Tom, (who is the stereotypical Minnesotan- super nice) to a funky little restaurant on Lyndale called The Egg and I. I highly recommend theKamikaze cakes. Pancakes filled with blueberries, bananas and walnuts; and for good measure, the top of the pancake is sprinkled with these yummies.

We made our way downtown and into the stadium without any trouble. Those Minnesotans are so nice. One Viking fan thought we looked lost and just offered us directions. One guy said, "Boo. Colts." as we walked by. Really, buddy? That's the best you can do?? LOL

Finally, it's time to start. Colts win the coin toss - yippee. That is the last thing we would have to cheer about for the next 42 minutes and 29 seconds. I do give the DEFENSE credit for holding the Vikes to field goals.

(Peyton giving the thumbs up after we win the coin toss.)

Just as I was perfecting my plan to sneak into the Colts locker room and cover their jocks in Icy Hot, Anthony Gonzalez pulled a brilliant/stupid move that seemed to energize the team. Addai touchdown. Vinateiri extra point. Wayne touch down. Another Vinatieri extra point. Vinatieri field goal to seal the deal. So, the Colts win and are back in my good graces for now. Just remember, boys...I have Icy Hot and I know how to use it.

Then it was on to a night of celebration.

It's taken seven months, but I've finally bounced back from my Jaegerbomb poisoning.

The Mayor of Fishers (center) and
his Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

I could never get an answer as to why this group of Canucks hate Peyton, but the one guy said, "I wish he would die." uh, okay.

Again...uh, okay.
John and I left after this picture. I'm too old for this shiz.

Next year, we're thinking Nashville......


the discourteous pug said...

Given the post-game party, I'm impressed that you could recall all these details.

And what the heck is Sarah's sister doing to you?? LOL

sarah said...

The Egg and I is the best breakfast ANYWHERE! I used to live in Uptown and I loved to eat there. So jealous that you got to go! Lucky!

Anonymous said...

um . . . since when have tom's friends been hott?? my goodness.

The Courteous Chihuahua said...

You know, if I thought Tom's friends were hott, I wouldn't want people to know my name either!!!

Anonymous said...

mother that is so mean!! whatev. they are hott.