Sunday, November 30, 2008

Colts 10, Browns 6

Raise your hand if you thought the final score would be a little different than, too. Kudos to the defense for winning this game. For those of you keeping track, that's five in a row.

View this gallery at IndyStar: Colts vs. Browns: Action

Now, on to something REALLY important...guess who's awesome?

ME, that's who!!

I won the Hank FM Pigskin Playoff last week! That's $250 just for being my usual football genius self.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Very Reyes Thanksgiving

This year I am thankful for Jib Jab, the Internet, and Blogger.

Oh, geez...I almost forgot! AND my puppies.

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PSYCHE!!! Most of all, my family!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Colts 23, Chargers 20

To quote the great John McClane, "Yippee ky yay, ______ ______!" You can fill in the blanks.

To quote the great Hunter Smith, "It was a good snap, a good kick, and I'm ready for an In-N-Out Burger."

Now, on to Cleveland!
View this gallery at IndyStar: Colts vs. Chargers: Action

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

Judging from the avalanche of fan mail I've received, you're all just dying to hear about our anniversary weekend.

We had a room reserved at the Hilton on Saturday night. When we got to our room, it was teeny-tiny with a desk taking up half of the room. That bothered me, although John was okay with it (I think he was already formulating some naughty secretary game). What he didn't like was the sliver of a window. He apparently is claustrophobic. So we called the front desk and they said they didn't have anything else available, followed immediately by the question, "Have you done anything in there yet?" Hey, we're good, but not THAT good. After we assured her the room was unscathed, she told us to come down and she would get us something else. Our second room was on the 19th floor. I was pretty excited when we walked in and one entire wall was a window. Unfortunately, it was a rather unspectacular view that awaited us:

On closer view, you can see the behemoth Lucas Oil Stadium on the left, and the tattered, forgotten remains of the Hoosier Dome on the right.

Being a woman of simple means, I do enjoy some hotel swag.

You may think this is me trying to be, I'm just checking out the room service menu; planning ahead for breakfast.

We headed downstairs to the restaurant bar for some cocktails. In case anyone wants to go to McCormick & Schmick's for Happy Hour, they have a killer food menu. They are practically giving the food away. Our bartender, Aaron, was a nice guy and bought our first round of drinks in honor of our anniversary.

John, sampling my girly Dreamcicle martini.

Aaron, who is NOT stingy with the alcohol.

He called me a "crazy lady" before we left.

In my defense, I hadn't eaten all day.

At this point, we went back to the room to freshen up for dinner, and by "freshen up" I mean John watched a ballgame and I did a faceplant into the bed. I've since learned this is called "pre-wasted." After a nice nap, John dragged me out of bed and forced me to get ready. At this point I would have been just as happy to get McDonald's and stay in the room, but get ready I did. As we're waiting for the elevator, John is standing there looking very intently at me. I'm assuming he's thinking, "She's just as beautiful as the day we got married. I am a lucky, lucky man." What he said was, "Your eyes are really bloodshot."

Their shrimp cocktail was the largest, meatiest shrimp (there's a contradiction in terms) I have ever seen. Delicious.

I can't believe I ordered sirloin at a place known for seafood, but this was really, really delicious. I'll just have to go back and try the seafood.

We said we weren't getting dessert.....
I've never really understood what the big deal was about Red Velvet Cake, but ordered this because it was the only thing I thought John would like. It was pretty fantastic.

42 seconds later...

So, that's it. As you all know from reading this, we went to the Colts game on Sunday. We had to drive Robin back up to Ball State so didn't get home until late Sunday evening. All in all, a fun weekend; and anytime we can spend that much time together without wanting to club each other on the head, I consider that a success.

Look, Ma!

No nutz!

I promise, this is THE LAST post on Ringo's testicles (or lack thereof).

I wouldn't want you all to think I was weird or something....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somebody, Stop Me!!

Seriously.  Stop me.  I need help.

I couldn't get Ringo to be still long enough for a picture.
Fortunately, Lola puts up with me.

What in the hell is in the picture behind me?

This is what I see on my acid trips.

I look like that obnoxious judge on So You Think You Can Dance?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun With the Mac

I finally figured out the camera on the Mac; thanks, Tom. Nevermind the fact that my house needs serious cleaning, the checkbook needs to be balanced, and I still haven't switched all of my winter clothes out of storage. This is what I have been doing all night:

I look like one of those sad animal paintings that were popular
back in the 70s...

Look at my cute button nose!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Colts 33, Texans 27

This week's Colts recap will be a little different than usual. Robin was able to attend the game courtesy of her friend, Janaye (Happy Birthday, Shanaye-naye!). Since their seats were field level, Robin graciously agreed to be my guest photographer. Anyone who knows Robin won't be surprised to see that my camera was returned to me with at least 100 different photos of Dallas Clark. I'll spare you every single one, but here are the highlights:

....and anyone who knows me knows I am exaggerating a little. She did have a few good action shots, I just like to tease her! Most importantly, she did get a picture of the scoreboard at the end of the game!

So, that's three wins in a row for the Colts; Pey-Pey's QB rating and passing yards are up; Addai finally broke 100 yards rushing, and it looks like they found a real-live return specialist in Chad Simpson.

Oh, yeh....John and I celebrated our anniversary, but that story will have to wait for another time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

RIP Ringo's Manhood, Part 2

Ringo survived his nut-ectomy, and here's what he looked like when I picked him up this afternoon:

Not only did they remove his furry little man parts, but they pulled two of his teeth while he was asleep! In a very odd, yet sweet gesture, they put them in a ziplock bag for me to take home (the teeth, not the furry little man parts).

They told us not to let him jump for the next seven days. Right....he was home ten minutes and had already jumped five times.

I think Lola was equal parts relieved and annoyed to see him walk back in the door (not unlike the rest of us).

RIP Ringo's Manhood

Tombstone Generator

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Colts 24, Steelers 20

View this gallery at IndyStar: Colts 24, Steelers 20


The Colts have not won a game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh since 1968 - until today. It was a close game and very exciting up until (literally) the very last second of play.

Next Sunday, Houston at home, which just so happens to be our 23rd wedding anniversary. You know...the Colts are indirectly responsible for John and I meeting in the first place. Let's get in the Way Back Machine (otherwise known as a 1983 Le Car) and travel to July 16, 1984. Yes, the day before my 21st birthday. We were both playing on the IU Hospital Softball League. I was playing for the Radiation Oncology Team, and John was playing for the Radiology Team. The umpire didn't show up for the game, so a guy from each team was taking turns umpiring when their team was at bat. I was the catcher, and John was umping. As he and a teammate were waiting to start, they were talking about the Colts coming to Indy, blah, blah, blah. Me, thinking the other dude was cute, butted in on the conversation. My flirting was misinterpreted (John has a tendency to think everything is about him), which is just as well since the other guy was married. John, suitably impressed with my stellar athleticism and red short-shorts asked me out after the game. Our first date was the Old Timer's Baseball game at the newly built Hoosier Dome; and the rest is, as they say, history.

Twenty-four years later....this is the result of that fateful day.

Photo by The Camera Room

Our Town

The high school performed their fall play this weekend, the stage classic, Our Town. I watched a TV version of this play back in the 70s starring Robbie Benson and Glynnis O'Connor. Actually, I only remember watching about a third of the show because it was so boring. Then, last spring someone gave me tickets to see the play at the IRT, so I took Lily. It was wonderful, and Lily began her quest to get Ms. Myers to do the show this fall. The high school production was a little different than what we saw at IRT. Lily was cast as one of the narrators of the play. She, of course, did a FANTASTIC job. I can't believe how much composure and maturity this kid has. Oh, yeh....there were some other kids in the play and they did a good job, too. HA! HA! I thoroughly enjoyed both performances I attended.